A Synthetic Phenomenon


🎨 Artist / Designer


🏛️Worcester Art Museum


📍 Worcester, MA


📆 Mar. 2019


🔮 Conceptual Development

🖍 Schematic Design

💰 Project Estimate




What if you could capture a celestial phenomena, in all its delicate vastness, and put it on display indoors?

The proposed installation would utilize projected video cast on several layers of transparent fabric scrim to simulate the Aurora phenomenon within the Renaissance Court of the Worcester Art Museum.

The installation would use multiple projectors to illuminate the fabric, enabling the aurora to slowly change and animate over time similar to the real phenomenon. The installation would be capable of displaying other event-specific content tailored to suit various programming at the WAM. The Aurora Virtualis could subtly display photos submitted by donors through email or real-time video of museum patrons within the neon ethereal aesthetic. The Aurora could also become more dynamic and reactive when used as a visual backdrop for musical performances held in the hall.

For the most transformative and memorable results the Aurora would be complemented by a full lighting treatment of the Renaissance Hall for the entire duration of its installation. Lighting treatments would rely heavily on lighting gels to cover existing lights, but may also employ additional fixtures for washing larger surfaces with rich colorful light.


The fabric of the Aurora would need to be suspended from metal tracks mounted to the ceiling in order to hold its shape. The tracks would be produced specifically for this installation and hung from the ceiling using infrastructure developed to support various future installations.


In subsequent years, the Aurora could be retrofitted with a motorized frame, adding physical kinetics to the installations visual dynamism.