Installation Series

Room 1 (iter. 1, Ball Fight), 2017

mixed media with projection

60 second loop

30 x 18 x 3.75 in (76 x 46 x 9.5 cm)

unique work


🌌 New Media Installation


🎨 Artist / Technician


Studio work


📍 MIT Media Lab


📆 2015 – 2018


🎓 AR / XR Design Theory

🔮 Conceptual Development

  • 👀 Creative Research
  • ⚗️ Experimental R&D

🖱️ 3D Modeling

📐 Shop Drawings

💰 Project Estimates

  • 🌈 Proposal Development

📊 Budgeting & Cost Mgmt.

  • 🔨 Metal Woodcraft
  • 🎥 Content Production
  • 👨‍🎤 Talent Management

💻 Systems Design & Spec.

🕹 Interactive Development

🚀 Motion Graphics

🦺 Installation

✨Projection Mapping

🎞️ Photo / Video Doc.



Digital Shadows


Room 1, also known as Test Room 1 is a continuation of the ideas explored by Registration Plane, and Box 1. The two-channel projection installation was designed to perfectly recreate the shadows cast by real people in the room.


Different projected content can bring new meaning to the same physical sculpture. Notable explorations of content are notated as numbered iterations (abbreviated iter.) on physical works.

(iter. 4, Temporal Granulation), 2017

mm, ss

The iteration was meant to point out how jarring the spatial-temporal manipulations used in film would be if interpreted more accurately in mixed reality. Sometimes the video is cut, making it appear as though the solid figures teleport. Other times the frame rate is decreased, making the seemingly "real" figures quickly snap between positions as if animated by stop motion. The results were uncanny and created a feeling of unease.