To beautify the Houston Astrodome before it would be seen by the nation during the 2017 SuperBowl. The plans that would have seen the now-defunct stadium re-established the as the iconic symbol of Houston - crowned by Lady Gaga and Travis Scott themselves - ultimately fell through, but there is still hope to see the landmark come alive once again.



The Star Dome is a groundbreaking media installation designed exclusively for implementation at the Houston Astrodome. The installation design capitalizes on a number of the Astrodome’s many unique architectural features to create a multimedia experience that will be, and remain unlike any other in the world. The design utilizes a multi-projector system inside the stadium to create a single ultra high resolution concave display on the interior of the domed roof. Because the translucent skylights allow video content to appear on both the interior and exterior of the building, the installation can act both internally as the world’s largest media-augmented environment, and externally as a city-scale media facade. This dual functionality allows the installation to support a wider variety of monetizable and public uses than any other media installation in existence, adding immensely to uniqueness, versatility, and multi-purpose capabilities of the re-imagined Astrodome venue. The installation would transform the entire building into a spectacle of multimedia, as it once was, but more capable of showcasing a greater variety of contemporary artistic, entertainment, advertising, and interactive content.

By deeply integrating the media installation with the architecture of the building, it can help to create, and become part of a new post-reopening identity for the Astrodome. Rather than simply restoring the Astrodome, a considerable feat of its own, the Star Dome seeks to go further – to reanimate not just the public image of the Dome, but the original uncompromisingly innovative spirit from which it was born, and in doing so modernize the Houston icon to more adequately reflect the identity of the Energy Capital.

Model fabrication at the Rice School of Architecture.


Truss lattice from above.

Closeup of truss lattice detail.

Final model of the Star Dome model in its custom stand.

Exterior closeup of the completed model.

Interior of the completed model.

Interior detail of the model.

Exterior of the model with projection.


Detail of model exterior with projection.

Lidar scan and modeling process.

Astrodome windows during feasibility testing in 2016.

Animation demonstrating the use of 3D model to create custom content specific to the Astrodome's geometry.

ASTROPROJECTIONS: An Odyssey of the Highest Aims

The feature production to kick off the Star Dome.

Rose window study.

Stained glass designs by Kevin Boland.

Projector well sectional study.

Architectural Integration

In order to fully realize this vision, the installation’s needs must be adequately prioritized in the design and engineering of any and all renovation efforts at the Astrodome. Embracing the installation early on in the redesign process will ensure the installation - which is to revive and redefine the vary landmark that defines the city - is realized at the lowest total cost and utmost excellence.

Floor plan for speculative Super Bowl 2017 installation.

Astrodome tetris game that features a triangular grid, and a new mechanic that allow players to pass off pieces to their neighbors.


The ultimate vision of the Star Dome would see the sports-stadium of the past turned into an institute for art, culture, and technology. The first stadium for innovation. The architecturally-integrated screen of the Star Dome would NOT simply replay its spectacle ad infinitum like some tired one-trick planetarium. The Star Dome would be the central display for many different streams of content including live data visualizations, interactive media, and content sourced locally and from all over the world.

Tetris blocks as seen from dome interior.

Practice on your phone anywhere.

Tournaments and highlights featured at full scale.

Recording model films people inside of a scale analog of the dome.

Video is relayed into the Star Dome live.

Full-scale projection.

Larger than life.

Let Me Out, (2015)

Star Dome

Designer, Creative Director, Artist, Project Manager
Reanimating the Houston Astrodome
2015 – Present
Alex Weinheimer, Thorsten Bauer, Peter Pflug
Special Thanks
Harris County, Phoebe Tudor & The Astrodome Conservancy, Rob McKinley & LD Systems, Sarah Whiting