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b. 1990

Manhattan, KS. USA


U.S. army brat



Joshuah Jest is an architecturally-trained, MIT-educated designer, director, artist, and pioneer of mixed reality. His growing body of projection-based installation and sculptural works focus on blurring the perceptual boundaries between digital and physical environments and encourages viewers to keep their feet firmly planted in reality to allow the virtual to emerge into a shared space. His original and meticulous approach to integrating video with various physical forms allows audiovisual content to resonate with a wider array of human senses, leading to deeper sympathy, emotional provocation, understanding, and retention of artistic significance.

Jest's practice draws on his architectural design background (Thomas Phifer and Partners, NYC; Rice University, B.Arch) and experience developing video installations, media facades, and digitally augmented objects (MIT/Harvard, Cambridge, MA; Urbanscreen, Bremen, Germany). His current work continues to explore the subject matter of his graduate thesis, "Fooling Ourselves: Topics and Design Strategies for Media Architecture, Integrated Media, and Composite Reality ", developed at MIT’s program in Art, Culture, and Technology from 2015 to 2018.

In 2020, Jest became the first resident artist at SEISMIQUE, an interactive art museum in Houston, Texas, where he currently maintains, experiments with, and curates third-party artist content for four unique, permanent mixed-reality installations.


Jest’s growing body of artwork seeks to invert the paradigm of immersion, wherein the viewer enters a virtual sensory landscape ( VR ) by leaving the real world partly behind. Instead of immersive experiences, he wants emersive experiences – for us to keep our feet firmly planted where they are, and allow the content of a video display to emerge into our space ( AR / MR / XR ). Here, in our natural surroundings, virtual images and sounds are not immediately dismissed as illusions, but are instead taken as serious indicators of potential material consequence by our most primal instincts. Staged in this way, digital information and synthetic images can be perceived by a wider array of human senses and processed more deeply by the hindbrain, leading to deeper sympathy, emotional provocation, understanding, and retention of content.

To explore and achieve these effect, Jest’s wide range of works laminate various information display systems into works of architecture, installation, sculpture, and fashion.


Principal Designer

Joshuah Jest Design

Tampa | NYC | Houston | Boston

2018 – Present

All-purpose design and production studio specializing in experiences that combine interactive media with architectural and interior design.

Projects include interactive multimedia experiences (Immersive, AR), UI / UX design, permanent media façade systems, corporate lobby installations, public art festivals, storefront installations, exhibition design, private residential design and interior decorating, private art commissions, lighting and activation plans for real estate developments, boutique motion graphics / animation, and much more.

Experience Designer

& Resident Artist


Houston, TX

2020 – Present

🏆#2 in America

Best Immersive Experience 2022

- USA Today

Imagined, designed, produced, programmed, animated, and installed multiple permanent tentpole mixed reality installations that support ongoing programming and feature development.

Installations include:





+ and more

Adjunct Professor

University of Tampa

Tampa, FL


Training Spartans on the subject of developing multimedia installations through ideation, design, technology, production, installation, and documentation.

Courses included:

FMX – 463: Multimedia & Installation Art

Studio production course that provided students with an in-depth study of the development of multimedia art and taught the tools necessary for producing such works. Modes of production covered included multi-channel audio and video installations; mixed, virtual and augmented reality installations; and hybrid combinations of the above.

Ultimately the course facilitated the design, development and implementation of original multimedia installations by the students.

Creative Technologist

Design Communications Ltd.

Avon, MA | Orlando, FL

2019 + seasonal

Assisting in the concept development, programming, design, prototyping, fabrications, and installation of custom integrated media solutions and other forms of electronic signage.

Project partners and clients include:

+ Hard Rock

+ Royal Caribbean

+ Gensler

+ Harvard

+ NBBJ / ESI Design

+ Complexity E-Sports

+ and more

Assistant Director


Greater Boston area

2018 – 2019

LuminArtz Massachusetts-based nonprofit that works with local artists, designers and creative technologists to create public art installations that contribute to place-making and establish new opportunities for art in the public realm.

Responsibilities included directing and executing on matters of business development, internal organization, financial planning, program development, installation design, and on-site installation in order to support the non-profit’s mission to highlight local and regional artists who create innovative experiences that engage, educate and inspire.

Partners & clients include:

+ National Amusements

+ Showcase Cinemas

+ New Balance

+ The Boston Marathon

+ and more

Master of Science in

Art, Culture + Technology


Cambridge, MA

2015 – 2018

Embedded within the experimental culture of MIT's Media Lab and School of Architecture, the Program in Art, Culture and Technology ( ACT ) operates as a critical studies and production-based laboratory, connecting the arts with an advanced technological community.









+ and more

Exhibition Designer +

Production Assistant


Cambridge, MA

2017 – 2018

Exhibition Designer

Hired to design and produce an exhibition for the MIT School of Architecture and Planning Junior Faculty for the 2017 ACADIA Conference. Production included design research, graphic design, coordinating with various departments, professors, and contractors, budgeting, technology specification, and final installation.

Project page:


Production Assistant

Assisted professor Azra Akšamija in ideation, research, design, and production of numerous international art projects, installations, and exhibits.

Projects included:


Founder & Director


Houston, TX

2016 + intermittent

Production studio founded to support the Astrodome Conservancy in reanimating the Houston Astrodome. Lead creative content production, and interfaced with various government offices, organizations, and companies to develop the project technically, financially, and architecturally.


Partners, clients, affiliates and collaborative agencies include:


+ The Astrodome Conservancy

+ HR&A Advisors

+ Harris County

+ Houston First

Bachelor of Architecture

Rice University (B.Arch)

Houston, TX

2014 – 2015

Proceeding Rice Architecture's core four year curriculum, students subsequently receive a Bachelor of Architecture professional degree after an additional two years, one of which includes the renowned Rice Architecture Preceptorship program. Preceptorship places B.Arch. students in notable offices across the world, including DS+R, Thomas Phifer, SOM, SHoP, Adjaye Associates, Rogers Partners, NADAAA, and Pei Cobb Freed. At these offices students gain a year's worth of mentored experience as paid employees.

Projects include:

+ Stage Center







NYC | Cambridge | Houston

2013 – 2019

Illuminated outerwear design and production startup. Our garments allow users to express themselves and their data via illuminated filaments and fashionable accessories.

Project page:


New York, NY

2013 – 2014

Worked directly under Thomas Phifer and associates on various projects ranging from conceptual phase designs to construction support.

Notable projects:

+ Corning Museum of Glass

+ Glenstone Museum

+ Hudson Valley House I

+ various other private residences

Intern & Fellow


Bremen, Germany

2012 + 2013

Urbanscreen is an international design studio whose practice pushes technology and theory to merge digital content with physical reality.

Assisted with research and development for site-specific reality-augmentation installations, and led the independent creative development and implementation of multiple projects.

Other responsibilities included concept development, site documentation, 3D scanning, 3D digital modeling, animation, video documentation, post-production, model fabrication, architectural model restoration, and firefighting.

Projects include:



+ Fusion Festival

+ 26th FLOOR

Bachelor of Arts

Rice University (B.A.)

Houston, TX

2009 – 2013

Rice Architecture's top-ranked undergraduate program consists of two consecutive degrees. The core curriculum of the first four years of study coordinates courses in history/theory, technology, and design, and results in a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

Distinction in Creative Work and Research

Awarded to individuals for projects and research that produce concrete outcomes, and demonstrate commitment/achievement above and beyond the norm.

Projects include:


+ H.ART Center

+ Occluded Clutter





+ The Docks

+ Wing Clinic